Hello world – Jewel here


This is a self picture of me – using the selective color effect.

I decided several years ago that I was going to try a new hobby.  My quest began with trying to figure out what camera I should purchase.  You guessed it, my new hobby adventure is photography.

I have read so many reviews between Canon and Nikon, then which model would be best to purchase.  I moved from reading articles to watching youtube videos on the various cameras and their functions.

I queried photographer friends as to what would be the best camera and model for a novice beginner such as myself.  Well I found out that Canon users love Canon and despise Nikon and vice versa.  Then there was the task of searching out information from individuals that were not biased.

Five years later, I finally purchased the Nikon D5200!  Now the task of learning all of the functions, menus, apertures, shutter speeds, iso’s and lenses – WHEW!

I decided to simply just take my camera and start shooting some photos.  I figure I will learn as I go along.  I will watch some videos, then take some pics.

So, this blog is my photographic journey.  Hope you enjoy my photos!  Please share any comments or educational information you may have about digital photography to help me grow (smile).  And, please remember I am a NIKON girl for now (smile).


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