Point Dume Beach, California

Hi all – One of my favorite places to go to in the Los Angeles, CA area is Point Dume Beach.  It is a wonderful beach that is secluded, unlike Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu and Zuma.  It never fails with every visit, I have the pleasure of seeing families of dolphins at this beach.

I recently visited the beach one morning and decided to pull out my camera and take some photos; see below.

I have also provided some history of the beach from Wikipedia:

Point Dume was named by George Vancouver in 1793 in honor of Padre Francisco Dumetz of Mission San Buenaventura. The name was misspelled on Vancouver’s map as “Dume” and was never corrected. In the early 1980s, real estate development interests began pronouncing the name “du-MAY” and spelling it “Dumé”; this did not catch on.

In the mid-1930s, the 900-ton steam-schooner California, of the California Whaling Company, would anchor in Paradise Cove about a mile offshore, near Point Dume, and process whales caught by her two “killer boats”, the Hawk and Port Saunders. She spent about four months there each winter (December–April), mostly flensing gray whales on their annual migration from Alaska to Baja California and back. Emerson Gaze, a reporter who spent a day with the fleet, said they had caught over fifty whales up to late January 1936, nearly all gray (with the exception of a few humpback and sperm whales). Nial O’Malley Keyes, in his book Blubber Ship, reported large numbers of whales were caught within a mile of Malibu (in or before 1934), a reference to the Point Dume operation.

Up until the 1940s, Point Dume was a windblown, treeless bluff covered by native chaparral. Post-WWII the bluff became slowly settled by independent-minded folks, who planted trees and other non-native flora among their single-family homesteads. In 1968, Point Dume Elementary School opened, but closed in 1980. It reopened in 1996 and remains open today, now known as the Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School. By 2007, many of the simple homesteads were torn down to make way for mansions and mega-mansions behind walls, many with expansive ocean views while other large homes were surrounded by mature trees.

If you are ever in the Los Angeles, California area, take a ride up the Pacific Coast Highway and just before Zuma Beach make a left and park your car and enjoy!  I usually see the dolphins in the afternoon.  Oh by the way, if you reach Zuma you have missed your turn.  Enjoy!

Jewel Tyler

My First Photo Shoot

Jewel T. here I had the greatest experience with this young man with my first photo shoot.  It was a beautiful day, lots of laughs, poses, and effects I tried.   And yes his new Audi was a great prop!

He is a very conservative individual took a little to loosen him up to see his wonderful smile.  I really enjoy shooting with the Black and White effect on my camera, and he makes such a wonderful model:

We actually shot over 120 photos altogether, during the first 25, I believe I discovered a MODEL (smile).

I am enjoying my new hobby immensely.  Time for some new camera lenses and then next to find some new models to shoot!!!!

Mission Inn Hotel – Riverside, CA


I had the opportunity to spend my Easter Sunday at a service that was held at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, CA.

The Mission Inn Hotel has been the cornerstone of Downtown Riverside since 1876.

The hotels rise to greatness began in the late 1800’s when wealthy easterners and Europeans flocked to Riverside in search of both a warmer, winter climate and to invest in the area’s profitable citrus industry.

Over the years, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa has hosted numerous celebrities and dignitaries. In fact, The Presidential Lounge pays homage to the 10 U.S. Presidents who have passed through its doors.

The current bar stands where President Theodore Roosevelt once slept during his visit to the hotel in 1903 while the lounge area once hosted Richard Nixon’s wedding to his wife Patricia. Guests can make a toast to the Lounge’s historic guests with a variety of signature cocktails including the JFK Cosmopolitan and the Herbert Hoover Lemon Drop.

Mr. Miller was notoriously accommodating to the famous guests who visited the Inn throughout the history of Riverside. In the middle of the lobby, visitors will note a rather unique — and quite large — chair, made especially for President Taft. Weighing roughly 350 pounds and standing six-foot-five, President Taft often struggled with standard amenities, including rumors that he had gotten stuck in the White House bathtub.

Always eager to accommodate, Mr. Miller had a special chair commissioned for this very prestigious and rotund guest for the banquet that was to be held in his honor. A prime example of arts and craft style furniture, the Taft chair has been a coveted photo location for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Robert Redford as well as countless other celebrities, couples and schoolchildren.

Sharing a couple of pictures I took while there.




If ever in Riverside stop by (smile).  Here is a link to their website:  http://www.missioninn.com/

Hello world – Jewel here


This is a self picture of me – using the selective color effect.

I decided several years ago that I was going to try a new hobby.  My quest began with trying to figure out what camera I should purchase.  You guessed it, my new hobby adventure is photography.

I have read so many reviews between Canon and Nikon, then which model would be best to purchase.  I moved from reading articles to watching youtube videos on the various cameras and their functions.

I queried photographer friends as to what would be the best camera and model for a novice beginner such as myself.  Well I found out that Canon users love Canon and despise Nikon and vice versa.  Then there was the task of searching out information from individuals that were not biased.

Five years later, I finally purchased the Nikon D5200!  Now the task of learning all of the functions, menus, apertures, shutter speeds, iso’s and lenses – WHEW!

I decided to simply just take my camera and start shooting some photos.  I figure I will learn as I go along.  I will watch some videos, then take some pics.

So, this blog is my photographic journey.  Hope you enjoy my photos!  Please share any comments or educational information you may have about digital photography to help me grow (smile).  And, please remember I am a NIKON girl for now (smile).